Psd event card Video avatar

This was geat wallpaper, "Psd event card Video avatar", do you like to?

Part: 1 : Psd event card
PSD Event Card
1 PSD | 4850 x 4390 px | 19.0 Mb | rar
Part: 2 : Video avatar
Create animated GIF Avatar from Video Movies!
Video Avatar is a tool for creating animated GIF avatars. You can choose the video movie and its part and then crop it for your avatar or userpic. So basically Video Avatar is a video cropper.
By using Video Avatar you will be able to create original video avatars for your blogs, journals and you will also set userpic in your profile page for any communities, your website, forums, etc.
Video Avatar supports all the video formats for inputing, such as avi, asf, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, wmv.
Output file will be controlled with width, height, Frames Per Second and reverse mode. So you choose a video file, such as your favourite movie, music video, cartoon or any video you have, choose a part for cropping in the video preview and manage range bar for time limits and click Start. After converting you will got an animated GIF with pixelsize that is set.
Video Avatar has a very simple and friendly-using interface, thats why you will not have any difficulties managing it. Be original!
Here are some key features of Video Avatar:
· Imports various video files
· Crops video for creating GIF
· Width, height, FPS settings for GIF
· Plays GIF in a normal and reverse modes
· Customizable dimensions for GIF
· Time line with M feature
· Supports English, Spanish and Russian languages
· Easy to use interface
· DirectX 9
· RAM 128 Mb and moreCode: Hm... Please if you like this great "Psd event card Video avatar", leave your comment.

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