Golden wedding day (clip art) Windows diamond ultimate all in one 2010 v3.0

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Part: 1 : Golden wedding day (clip art)
Wedding clipart very Fine Quality (HQ) - to work in Photoshop and not only. help in the development of design as a small greeting cards, and igromnogo billboards or poster! ... and all who are preparing for the wedding recommend!!
100 jpg | Up to 3996*2682 pix | 300 dpi | 189 Mb rar
Part: 2 : Windows diamond ultimate all in one 2010 v3.0
Windows Diamond Ultimate All in one 2010 v3.0
Windows Se7en on Windows XP SP3
Update Newest Hotfixes to help windows faster and optimization.
Download: Windows Diamond Ultimate 2010 (Version 3.0) (12/08/2009)
Windows Diamond Ultimate 2010 Containt:
- Windows Diamond Ultimate 2010 (Newest hoffixest + Sata Driver for Laptop + more usefull softwarez).
- Read/Copy Files From NTFS Volumes To FAT32/16 Drives
- Partition Magic 8.05
- Norton Ghost
Mozilla Firefox v3.5.2 + Plugins
WinRAR v3.9.5 Plus (10 Theme)
Shock 4 Way 3D v1.29
Diamond Circle Dock v0.92
Diamond Click star 2 v1.0.5e
Diamond ViStart v2.0
Diamond Sidebar v4.0
Diamond Rocket Dock v1.3.5
Diamond Drive Icon v1.4
Diamond Sceen Savers v4.0
Diamond Cursors AIO v1.9
Diamond TrueTransparency v1.0
Diamond Superbar v1.0.0.1182
Hostfix Update 12/08/2009:
Hotfix Update (209):
KB817688 KB887606 KB889320 KB897571 KB898461 KB909520
KB915800 KB916157 KB922120 KB923561 KB927436 KB928788
KB929399 KB929773 KB932390 KB932716 KB933547 KB934401
KB935551 KB935552 KB938759 KB939209 KB939683 KB940159
KB940648 KB941569 KB942288 KB943232 KB943729 KB944043...
This pack contains:
Copy To/Move To Context Menu Shell Extension
HashTab 2.1.1
Microsoft Calculator Plus 1.0 (Replaces calc.exe)
Microsoft HighMAT CD Writing Wizard (KB831240)
Microsoft Makecab 6.0.6001.22192 (From Windows Installer 4.5 SDK, doesn't mess up file dates)
Microsoft OpenType Font Properties Extension 2.30
Microsoft Power Calculator PowerToy 1.0
ModifyPE 0.81
Microsoft TweakUI PowerToy 2.10
Unlocker 1.8.7
UPX 3.03
BootSafe v2.0.1000
Bootvis v1.3.37.0
ClearType PowerToy
CPU-Z v1.51
Dial-a-Fix v0.60.0.24
TweakUI PowerToy v2.1
Windows Task Manager
WinUpdatesList v1.23
User Accounts 2 CPL
Bluescreen Screensaver
Note : After install complete, at first login, you will see a report box, click Don't send (Because Driver for VGA Card have been not installed).Install your VGA Driver.
Windows Diamond Ultimate 2010. system requires:
CPU: P4 2.0 Ghz (upper)
Ram: 1 Gb (upper)
VGA: 64 Onboard (upper)
HDD: 20 Gb (upper)
Size : 697 MBCode:
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