Cg academy- hlsl shader creation 1: hlsl fundamentals (3ds max) Total 3d home design deluxe v8.0 - iso

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Part: 1 : Cg academy- hlsl shader creation 1: hlsl fundamentals (3ds max)
In the first of our Advanced, 3 DVD series on HLSL Shader writing within 3dsmax, Ben Cloward will give you an understanding of what a HLSL shader is. How a shader can be created with free software, edited and then displayed within 3dsmax. Fundamental programming concepts such as Data Types, Structs and Functions. How to create a shader GUI, the basic framework of a HLSL shader and much much more. By the close of the DVD, Ben will have you writing your own basic HLSL shaders.
This DVD is an ideal introduction to the world of HLSL shader writing for real-time GPU based shaders. An understanding of basic programming concepts and 3D math is useful. (For those needing 3D tutorship, see The Matrix: Explained by Borislav Petrov.
CH 01: What is HLSL?
Ben explains what HLSL is and why its useful to learn how to use it.
CH 02: The Graphics Pipeline
Then he gives a run through of a typical pipeline on current video cards. Explaining where the different elements of HLSL shaders come in to play.
CH 03: Shader Writing Setup
Ben then shows how to setup 3dsmax and 3rd party software to create an intuitive and fast shader development environment.
CH 04: Basic Programming: Data Types
Now we look at some of the fundamentals concepts of programming in HLSL. Ben starts with Data Types.
CH 05: Basic Programming: Structs
Then he moves on to explain Structs.
CH 06: Basic Programming: Functions
And Ben wraps up this section by looking at how Functions work in HLSL.
CH 07: FX Framework: The User Interface
HLSL shaders have a standard framework in which they should be created. This is known as the FX Framework. Here Ben explain the GUI elements of that framework.
CH 08: FX Framework: Input Output Structs
We then look at the Input and Output Structs of the FX Framework.
CH 09: FX Framework: Vertex Pixel Shaders
Then we look at the main meat of the FX Framework, the Vertex and Pixel Shaders.
CH 10: FX Framework: Techniques Passes
And we finish this section by exploring Techniques and Passes.
CH 11: Creating Simple Shaders
With the FX Framework under our belt we now have the tools to attempt creating simple shaders. Here Ben shows you how to create a very simple shader to get the ball rolling.
CH 12: A Diffuse Shading Model
And we complete the DVD by looking at how we can simulate Diffuse lighting in a shading model . Then Ben shows us how to implement this in our simple shader. We now have our first functional HLSL shader.
Part: 2 : Total 3d home design deluxe v8.0 - iso
Total 3D Home Design Deluxe v8.0 - ISO | 1.15GB
Total 3D Homeâ„¢ separates itself from other products in its class since it is designed for you, rather than an architect. Previous design skills are not needed. Whether you are remodeling your house, decorating a room, or designing your dream home, the tools and inspiration you need are included. You'll have access to all the features you need without paying for features you don't want.
Easy-to-Use Professional-Quality Features
1,000+ Sample Home Plans -- Save time and money using a ready-to-build home plan.
Quick FloorPlan Designer -- Simply drag and drop SmartRoomâ„¢ Blocks to create complete rooms automatically.
Scan Trace Blueprints -- Perfect for remodeling projects as you can add, delete, or move walls.
Color-Coded Floor Plan -- Easily identify furniture, appliances, windows, doors, and more in your design.
Video Tutorial -- Loaded with helpful tips, the comprehensive Video Tutorial walks you through starting, building, and viewing your plan.
Powerful Custom 3D Design Tools
Import Digital Photos -- Further customize your design by importing pictures into your design. Want to see how your favorite chair will look in your new living room? Just import a picture of it.
Custom Doors Windows -- Choose from over 40 window and door designs. Then modify them to fit your design.
Easily Estimate Costs Track Your Budget -- Create designs that fulfill your dreams and fit your budget. Automatically track estimated and actual costs for materials and labor.
Exclusive! Window Treatment Design Tool -- Wake up your windows! Try new ideas for shades, valances, panels, and more.
Millions of Design Combinations -- Choose from unlimited combinations of tiles, flooring, paint, wallpaper, bricks, and more.
High Quality 3D Imaging
Real-Photoâ„¢ Dynamic Imaging -- Total 3D Home's advanced photo-rendering transforms the look of a room using real photography.
Drag Drop 3D Furniture Objects -- Quickly decorate and furnish your home with life-like 3D objects.
20,000 Brand-Name Products -- No other software provides you with as many brand-name products as Total 3D Home. Visualize furniture, appliances, and other items in your plan before you buy them.
3D Kitchen Bath Remodeling -- Designing the perfect kitchen or bathroom has never been easier. Try new fixtures, appliances, and cabinets in seconds. Then view it in 3D!
3D Bedroom Living Room Makeovers -- Find a new style or look by quickly applying new colors, textures, and fabrics to furniture and floors.
Automatic Customizable Roofs -- Choose from Hip, Gable, Gambrel, Flat, Shed, or Mansard. Then adjust the angle and pitch for a custom design.
System Requirements• Pentium® III or faster • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista, XP, Me, 2000 98SE • 128MB RAM; 256MB Recommended • 1.8 GB free hard-disk space (Min. Install) • 4X CD-ROM drive or faster (DVD-ROM if installing from a DVD) • SVGA 800x600 and higher display, High Color (16-bit) required; True Color (24 or 32-bit) supported • DirectX8® compatible video and sound cardsPrinter support - Works with most black and white and color printers supported by Windows®Optional - Modem and Internet Service Provider for product downloads • Scanner or digital camera needed to import photos into the product
Format: ISO image DVD disc
Interface: English + Softonic
Activation: Not required
Total 3D Home Design Deluxe v8.0 - ISO | 1.15GBCode:
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